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The need for Crystals !

  • Healing properties

  • Home Decor

  • Jewelry 

  • Feng Shui

  • Chakra Balance 

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Energy Amplifier

  • Reiki

  • Holistic Therapy *

Druzy Multi-Stone Bangle (Adjustable) GJB00015_1
Amethyst Natural Stone Bangle (Adjustabe) .png GJB00009_1
Druzy Moon Pendant .JPG  GJP00006_2
Druzy Freeform Pendant (Rounded) .JPG SJP00111
Citrine Natural Pendant .png GJP00026_2
Amethyst Slice Pendant (Rounded).JPG SJP00036
Agate Pendant.JPG SJP00115_1
Crystals_Amethysts 6
Crystals_Amethysts 20
BonsaiTrees_Amethysts 8
Amethyst Geode .jpg A00003_2
Amethyst Crystal Cluster .jpg A00026
Druzy Bangle (Adjustable) .png SGB00013_2
Druzy _ Amethyst Polished Points Dangling Earrings .jpg SJE00009
Amethyst Polished Point Dangling Earrings .jpg GJE00005
Natural Citrine Points Pendant
Amethyst Geode .png A00005_1
Amethyst_Stones 1
Amethyst_Stones 2
BonsaiTrees_Amethysts 10
Amethyst_Stones 15
Amethyst_Stones 14
Stalactie Pendant .JPG SJP00051_2
Druzy Freeform Pendant (Rounded) .JPG SJP00111
Interactive Gallery

Hello. Welcome to Custom Crystal Boutique. We are very pleased to share our creations with the world. Here at C.C.B we specialize in custom made jewelry and rare stones and gems.  We have been wanting to share all of these great treasures with you for the longest time. Now we have the platform to reach many more that have been asking for these items. 

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"I never thought crystals could help lighten up my mood as much as they did. Excellent suggestion" - Jenny Moruse

" Can't wait to find my next crystal! Thanks CCB ! " - Malika Johnson 

" I am hooked now " - Jack Mosilini 

" Wow ! Can't wait until your next You Tube Live presentation " - Melissa Giovoni 

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