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    Uruguay is well known for having some of the highest quality Amethyst in the world. When visiting family in Uruguay with my father to learn more about my heritage and culture; I discovered one of its hidden treasures. There was an instant love for not only just crystals but Amethyst's. All the mines in Artigas in Uruguay have a significant beauty and are of the highest quality. We discovered that one of the finest gems in Uruguay is the Amethyst. It was at this moment that my father and I decided to bring these beautiful pieces of our culture to the rest of the world. We not only wanted to bring the best stones and gems to our customers but wanted to extended the natural energy and power these stones provide to those that want to enhance their outer aura. 

' The Stone of the Mind ' Is what the Amethyst is also know as. Enhance your mental properties with the perfect Uruguayan Amethyst.

   A Uruguayan Amethyst has a specific beauty and elegance not found in any other stone at an affordable price. It also carries healing properties for the mind, body and soul.  

Our Products

  • Amethyst Geodes (Polished,Raw,Natural)

  • Amethyst Bonsai Tree

  • Amethyst Crystal Clusters

BonsaiTrees_Amethysts 10
Amethyst_Stones 14
Amethyst_Stones 15
Amethyst Geode .jpg A00023
Amethyst Geode .png A00005_1
Amethyst Geode .jpg 00011_1
Amethyst Crystal Cluster .jpg A00018_1
Amethyst Natural Stone Bangle (Adjustable) .png GJB00010_1
Amethyst Natural Bangle S
Druzy Triangle Stud Earrings jpg SJE00001
Agate Pendant.JPG SJP00115_2
Amethyst Polished Points Darling Earrings .jpg GJE00007
Tumbled Amethyst Pendant .jpg GJP00088
Amethyst Geode .jpg 000011_3
Druzy Bar Pendant (SM) .png GJP0081
Druzy Cross Pendant G1
Amethyst Geode .jpg A00006_1
Amethyst Pendant (Final Cuts) .JPG SJP00107
Amethyst Druzy Pendant .JPG SJP00104
Agate Points Pendant
Agate Pendant .jpg SJP00126
 Amethyst Polished Points Pendant (L) .jpg SJP00023
 Amethyst Natural Raw Points Pendant .JPG SJP00025

​What to expect from an Amethyst 

  • Amethyst's provides a calm for the mind

  • Increase your intuition 

  • Protects your aura

  • Calms your mind an spirit

  • Neutralizes negative energy

​We specialize in natural semi-precious stones. All stones are hand picked by a certified geologist direct from the mine. We do not offer any synthetic man made stones or heat treated stones.

"I never thought crystals could help lighten up my mood as much as they did. Excellent suggestion" - Jenny Moruse

" Can't wait to find my next crystal! Thanks CCB ! " - Malika Johnson 

" I am hooked now " - Jack Mosilini 

" Wow ! Can't wait until your next You Tube Live presentation " - Melissa Giovoni 

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